• The Donut Mini Squisheen plush in front of a light purple background. The plush is a donut with cat ears, pink frosting and white, purple, teal and yellow sprinkles in the center. Among the sprinkles are four feet stubs facing forward, with a donut hole in the middle. By the ears, Pusheen’s head stripes, eyes and mouth are embroidered into the plush on top of the frosting, the head stripes a dark pink and the eyes and mouth in black.  There are black felt whiskers sticking out from the plush.
  • Back quarter view of the mini plush facing the right in front of a light purple background. The back is a solid golden yellow, with only the donut hole, ears and a tiny bit of a whisker visible at this angle. At the bottom there is a plush golden yellow tail with light pink stripes, the same color as the frosting.

Donut Mini Squisheen

In the mood for a little snack? The Donut Mini Squisheen is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

  • Mini Squisheen is absolutely soft to the touch.
  • Mini Squisheen measures approximately 3.5" tall and 3.5" wide.
  • Also available as an 11" Donut Squisheen!


  • Polyester fibers.
  • Imported.


  • Hand wash.
  • Air dry.