• The Macaron Mini Squisheen in front of white and pink background. The plush is Pusheen as a light purple Macaron, laying on her stomach. In the middle of Pusheen is a jagged skirt of light purple fabric and white curved dots of buttercream filling. All of Pusheen’s stripes are pink and on top of her back two stripes. Pusheen’s striped tail sticks out from behind.
  • Back quarter view of the plush facing the right in front of a white and pink background. Pusheen’s tail sits high on her butt, close to her two back stripes. Pusheen’s felt whiskers and ear peek out from the front. Pusheen’s nub feet rest at the bottom of the plush, elevated from the floor.

Macaron Mini Squisheen

Help yourself to the sweetest little snack around with the Macaron Mini Squisheen plush!

  • Mini Squisheen is absolutely soft to the touch.
  • Mini Squisheen measures approximately 3" tall.


  • Polyester fibers.
  • Imported.


  • Hand wash.
  • Air dry.