• A small stacked line up showing the potential plush keychain designs in the set. The designs include Sunset Pusheenicorn, Dragon Pusheenicorn, Mermaid Pusheeinicorn, Fashion Pusheenicorn, Super Pusheenicorn, Spooky Pusheenicorn, and classic Pusheenicorn winking.
  • All of the Magical Pusheenicorn Surprise Plush resting on top of a cardboard display case holding the surprise box. The individual surprise boxes are iridescent, with an illustration of a classic Pusheenicorn winking. The box display is purple, featuring rainbows, clouds, and illustrations of various Pusheenicorns. The top of the display features Super Pusheenicorn standing proudly underneath a rainbow, her respective surprise plush underneath her.

Magical Pusheenicorns Surprise Plush

  • $12.00
  • $12.00

What’s better than one Pusheenicorn? How about eight different magical Pusheenicorns?! Collect them all with the Pusheen Surprise Plush Series #17: Magical Pusheenicorns. This series features the adorable internet sensation taking on many magical creatures with eight different 3” plush keychain Pusheenicorns, with some classic favorites and others making their magical premier for the first time ever: Dragon Pusheenicorn, Mermaid Pusheenicorn, Sunset Pusheenicorn, Fashion Pusheenicorn, Classic Pusheenicorn, Super Pusheenicorn, Spooky Pusheenicorn, and a rare mystery style. Plush includes lobster clasp for easy detaching. Appropriate for ages eight and up.

  • Ordering 8 boxes does not guarantee all 8 designs. Receiving duplicates of a design is possible.
  • Due to the nature of this product we cannot accept returns or exchanges for boxes that have been opened. The design inside any given box is unknown (even to us!) and some designs are rarer than others.

  • Content:

  • All new materials.
  • Polyester fibers.
  • Imported.

  • Care:

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
  • Air dry only.
  • Do not bleach.