• Top view of the a pink lunchbox with it’s lid placed above it, a teal knife, fork, spoon and rubber band placed neatly to the left. The lunch box lid features Hello Kitty holding a donut on the left with the text ‘Hello Kitty’ underneath her, Pusheen wearing a hair bow and holding a donut on the right with the text ‘Pusheen’ underneath, and a rainbow in the middle connecting the two with a small pink heart underneath it. Multicolor pom poms and a white glazed donut are inside the box.
  • The Hello Kitty x Pusheen Lunchbox closed, with the teal band keeping the lunch box closed. The lid is a lighter pink then the box, and the lunch box is a rounded rectangle. The lunchbox is placed in front of a cream background.
  • Top view of the Hello Kitty x Pusheen Lunchbox on top of a cream background. The teal rubber band is placed perfectly in the middle, covering the ‘heart’ in the middle. There is a small tab on the upper left corner of the lid.

Hello Kitty® x Pusheen® Lunch Box with Cutlery

  • $16.99
  • $16.99

Pack your lunch with a side of cuteness using the Hello Kitty x Pusheen Lunchbox!  This adorable lunchbox comes with three reusable coordinating utensils and a handy elastic strap to keep everything in place!

  • Includes reusable knife, fork and spoon.
  • Elastic band for extra security with loops to hold cutlery.
  • Hand wash only. Not for microwave use.
  • Size 2 x 6.5 x 4.5 in