• Super Pusheenicorn in a more triangular shape, resting her feet at the bottom and her plush pink tail sticking out to the side. Super Pusheenicorn has a unicorn horn in between her ears and a light purple sparkly crescent moon on the lower right of her front body. Her lilac and pink mane sticks out from behind her. There is a single white wing on her side.
  • Side view of the Super Pusheenicorn Squisheen. Pusheen’s fluffy mane goes down from her ears and over her back purple stripes. Super Pusheenicorn has one plush wing on the front and the back.

Super Pusheenicorn Squisheen Sitting Pose

  • $16.00
  • $16.00

Super Pusheenicorn is now available as a 6” super squishy, super huggable Squisheen! She has her signature big smile, iridescent horn and purple crescent moon, and adorable tiny wings. Elastic fabric provides satisfying squish and her sitting pose makes her a perfect addition to any Pusheen collection. Squisheens are surface washable for easy cleaning and appropriate for ages eight and up.


  • Polyester fibers.
  • Plastic fibers.
  • Imported.


  • Hand wash.
  • Air dry.