• The Scorpio pin on a white background. The pin features Pusheen with a determined expression,and a rounded scorpion tail curling around the top, stripes breaking up each tail segment. The pin is black with multicolor sparkles and a silver outline.
  • Group photo of three of the metallic Pusheen horoscope pins, featuring Pusheen as the three horoscope signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Pusheen Shop Exclusive

Pusheen Scorpio Pin

  • $10.00
  • $10.00

This exclusive pin from the Horoscope Collection features Pusheen as a passionate Scorpio!


  • Metal.
  • Zinc Alloy.


  • Wipe clean.

The Horoscope Collection

Exclusively available at Pusheen Shop, this astrological collection features charming collectible pins, along with stickers of each of the twelve-star signs. Discover Pusheen's unique take on your own sign or mix & match your favorites!