• Front view of Pusheen Hot Ramen Bowl and Chopstick Set. The chopsticks rest in a notch on the lip of the white bowl. A graphic of Pusheen as a teal dragon, also known as Dragonsheen, is on both sides of the bowl. The dragon is lighting a fire with the phrase HOT printed above the multi-color fire.
  • A white ramen bowl with a light blue/teal interior color. The Dragonsheen graphic features the colors teal, purple, pink, yellow, and dark purple. Dragonsheen Pusheen can breathe fire and she has two small wings and a forked tail.

Pusheen Hot Ramen Bowl & Chopstick Set

Caution: HOT! The Pusheen Hot Ramen Bowl & Chopstick Set is the perfect dish for every spicy food lover! The included chopsticks rest in a notch on the bowls' side for easy storage.  

  • Ramen bowl features cutouts under rim of bowl to hold included set of chopsticks.
  • Bowl measures 5" across, 7" deep, and 4" tall.
  • Included chopsticks measure 8.25" long.


  • Ceramic stoneware.
  • Bamboo chopsticks.
  • Imported.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Do not overheat, use care when handling.